Oil and Gas Sector in Nigeria


Dugal Energy provides agile software solution and delivers quality IT services to business.

Dugal Energy provides agile software solution and delivers quality IT services to business. It mainly focuses on engineering based companies and its challenges in the oil and gas industry. We ensure that our software solutions become a competitive advantage for your organization in the competitive world. We use modern technologies with years of experience in the field to help you align your business needs so that you can sustain high level of success and concentrate on your core business.

Key Services:

* Asset Integrity management/ QA software     Products

*  Custom Application Development Services

*  GIS and Data Management Services

   rop interface.


We provide off-the shelf software products that help to manage organizational assets in an integrated environment. Our domain expertise in the field of inspection and quality assurance has helped to evolve into such a solution

The Salient features of our solution include but not limited to;

*  Integration and browsing of its geospatial data operating in a geographic information system      (GIS) based environment.

*  Seamlessly integrate documents and spatially-oriented databases so that users can access      information from single interface.

 * Inspection campaign data loading tools

*  Data assessment facility with versioned data storage

 * Generating scope for new inspection plans

 * Colour coded display of various risks on complete assets

Application Development

Dugal also specialized in high quality custom application development for your specific requirement within the specific project time frame. Our highly experience consultant can help you architect the solution to best fit your requirements.

GIS and Data Management 

We are well positioned to assist with various data integration project, having unrivalled experience in all aspects of digital petroleum data preparation, data integration, GIS and web-based services 

Our Product lines 

* Assets/ Calibration management
* Product Quality Management and  planning & management
* Quality System manager
* HRM software
* Inventory control
* Online test services
* Personnel qualification and validity  and renewal 
* Vendor/ Supplier Evaluation station
* Personnel Records
* Welder qualification and   performance Analysis
* NDT records  

Our Clients

We work closely with a wide range of clients from different sectors and regions across public sector, private sector and local and federal governments.


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